Case Study | Digital Smart City

A number of global cities are implementing large scale data exchange projects designed to enable sharing and enrichment of data with their citizens, visitors and businesses. Spike were proud to be involved in one such project with the City of Copenhagen.


  • Implemented a repeatable simulation model
  • Proved capacity of the system
  • Gave day 1 confidence
  • Enabled customer to launch


Smart technology is leading the way in capturing data from multiple sources such as traffic flows, port arrivals, pollution levels. That data can then be enriched and shared with businesses and individuals to empower them to make better decisions, for example planning the greenest route to travel to work or finding the optimum time to schedule goods deliveries. Better decisions will drive new behaviour and ultimately enable long term strategic goals such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

However, users will only benefit from these systems if the data is reliable and the interface or application performs well. Spike were engaged to model the data flows and user interactions and then set up simulations to test performance prior to launch.

Our Approach

Working with a number of vendors on behalf of the prime contractor consultancy, we quickly got to grips with the platform (Visual Studio, Azure, Microservices, SQL Server, MongoDB) and enabled cross team organisation to pull together a thorough Performance test plan, project plan and detailed volumetrics. We conducted a large scale data set up using Visual Studio scripts and the use of Grid Tools Data Maker (now CA Test Data Manager) for data set up. For performance testing, API call scripts were created in Visual studio and Windows Azure test rigs set up to generate load. Comprehensive monitoring was set up using DataDog.

Our team found numerous configuration issues including significant problems with in Azure Message Bus time outs, changes to which (increasing) resulted in removal of failures.

Ultimately, spike delivered Day 1 comfort in the performance of the data exchange platform.

You can read more about the City of Copenhagen’s smart initiatives and broader zero carbon goals here.


  • Useful data is literally everywhere. Captured and used responsibly it will bring huge benefits for how we live our every day lives, sustainably and with regard for protecting the environment
  • Making sense of the large volumes of data is complex
  • Testing those data flows is challenging and requires expert knowledge to design and execute accurate simulations

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