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For an online marketplace Black Friday brings a critical need to protecting their brand and partners – this was vital for our client NotOnTheHighStreet ahead of their 2020 peak trading period.

Could they live up to their own high standards, even with COVID-19, lockdowns, and peak surges? In short, yes.

Spike performance insights built confidence in their systems ahead of peak trading, smash their targets and ensure they were ready for future sales surges.

Lockdowns Brought Unique Challenges

COVID-19 gave our client a real challenge – could their business model cope with the surge and adapt to the growing ‘Gifting-as-a-Service’ market?

The Risk of Failure Was Too Big to Ignore

  • Downtime would cost £250k per hour
  • Failure would shred their hard-earned reputation
  • Sustained outages would cripple their 5000 partners


  • Establish an accurate workload model
  • Create reusable performance testing assets
  • Identify any performance issues and highlight areas of concern
  • Provide confidence for their peak sales period

The Spike Performance Methodology – Rapid and Rock-Solid

Phase 1 – Analysis and Planning

Spike collaborated with our client to define a test approach and understand current and surge volumes.

Phase 2 – Iterative Execution Cycles

Spike developed a world-class performance framework using Open-Source tools.

Phase 3 – Empowerment and Asset Handover

Spike provided performance testing assets including:

  • Workload models
  • A robust, reusable, and easy-to-use performance testing framework
  • Additional methods and techniques to ramp-up load

Conclusion: Confidence gained for 2020 and beyond!

With the help of Spike, our client were able to prove volumes over 200% of 2019 peak. They also gained a much better understanding of their infrastructure. The short performance project achieved all their goals and more:

  • Established workload models for predicted peak and future stretch targets
  • Identified performance issues and fixes ahead of Black Friday 2020
  • Provided a reusable and cost-effective performance framework
  • Drove confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional service during their peak periods
  • Empowered their technical team to carry out future performance cycles independently

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