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Case Study. Retail quality technology. Performance degradation. Shift left testing approach.


  • Introduced a shift left testing approach to save time & reduce reliance on the human factor.
  • Applied a ‘Pipeline Automation’ solution for the Product Listing Pages (PLP) using ‘NeoLoad’.

Our solution included:

  • Technology: Use of the ‘as-code’ version of Neoload, to capture most effectively the production issues
  • Resolve: Confidence in the Website performance
  • Feedback loops: Faster process for resolution


This client is a British multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer. They have around 700 stores with 43,040 employees and a net worth of £677.5 million.

The continual demands of this sector require them to automate so much more than ever before, to deliver convenience and speed. We worked with them to introduce a new level of measures to meet the demands of the business.


  • Performance degradation discovery late in the process: creating cost and time loss.
  • They needed to:
    • Reduce loss of time & financial impact
    • Reduce risk to site performance & therefore customer experience
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