Case Study | Quality Transformation

Case Study. Quality Transformation.


  • Created a quality vision to plan for the most effective transformation.
  • Managed the delivery, QA and rollout of personalised US delivery
  • Superior delivery proposition with warehousing tested as part of the E2E testing phase.


They have over 25 million active customers, 40% of which are based in the UK. The website sells over 850 brands and ships to 196 countries. A 100% digital retailer with over 6.9 million followers on Instagram with a net income £472 million.

For this project we focused on an overall transformation of their quality, kicking off the project with a quality vision process resulting in clarity around priorities. We concentrated on personalised journeys and confidence in faster deliveries.


Transformation of operations focussed on personalisation, speed and warehousing to maintain & grow the current customer base.

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