Test Automation Health Check

Why you should get a Test Automation Health Check

Just five years ago, Test Automation was still perceived as a luxury. An expensive solution that might save time and money in the long run, but only if the business case was believable and the people implementing it knew what they were doing.

Now, there are not enough skills on the market to meet the demand for Test Automation as every organisation embraces the latest delivery methodologies and tools.

If you have implemented Test Automation in your organisation, you clearly see the bigger picture. But are you getting the best value from your investment?

Value-added benefits of Test Automation

In July we looked at six key value-added benefits of Test Automation, including:
1. Risk Reduction
2. Quality Improvements
3. Cost Reduction
4. Speed to Market
5. Knowledge Retention
6. Early Defect Detection

These are the benefits you should be seeing from your Test Automation Solution. If you want to be certain your solution is delivering then it’s time for a Spike95 health check to identify where any problems lie and how to solve them.

The Spike95 Test Automation Health Check

Just like a Performance Testing Health Check, a Test Automation Health Check gives your business and teams the chance to move forward quickly and increase operational efficiency.

We have conducted reviews for clients in many different sectors and implemented a wide range of different strategies and improvement plans. One of our core principles is to bring our expertise to bear for our clients and make them a success. Our approach to automation assessments has been refined over the years as our understanding has increased of what causes problems and what makes automation projects likely to fail. We speak to people in different areas of your business to get their view of the capability and why they believe it does not perform to requirements. Detailed questionnaires ensure data is captured consistently, allowing us to compare responses from different individuals, we create heatmaps of the potential areas for improvement. We drill down through multiple levels, right into the automation code itself, to fully understand the mechanics of what has been developed.

Why Spike95’s methodology works

Benefits of a Spike95 Test Automation Health Check

Our history of conducting technical assessments of baseline Test Automation delivery capability and maturity over many years means we know what good, better and best look like across a wide range of different sectors.

A Spike95 Test Automation Health Check will give you:

  • An independent view of your current maturity level.
  • An action plan to reduce risk and raise quality.
  • An illustration of potential cost savings.
  • A clear understanding of what to change to improve delivery speed.
  • Knowledge of what a Test Automation Solution can and should do for you.
  • Access to Spike95’s substantial knowledge and expertise in automated testing.

Nowadays Test Automation has become a necessity for many organisations, which in turn makes a Test Automation Health Check a proven investment.

With Spike95’s experts on your side, we can help you to ensure your Test Automation Solution is best-in-class, whatever maturity level your organisation is at.

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