Core Web Vitals Webinar

Core Web Vitals: What is it and what the hell does it mean for you?

If you missed the live session you can view the recording below!

Join Spike’s Head of Performance, Mike Forshaw for an engaging Webinar on Core Web Vitals!

We’ll explore the crucial differences between Core Web Vitals and traditional page speed metrics, the power of real user monitoring (RUM), and the importance of historical data in predicting performance trends.

This session is designed to provide actionable strategies to enhance your website’s user experience and SEO. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from our expertise and take your web performance to the next level!

We’ll look at:

➡️ What are Core Web Vitals?
➡️ A look into each Core Web Vitals metric and what it means
➡️ Contrasting ‘in the field’ versus lab metrics
➡️ Success Stories
➡️ Discuss optimization strategies

View the Core Web Vitals recording here

About the speaker

Mike Forshaw is Head of Performance Testing at Spike.

In his own words…”With over two decades in the field, I am a focused Performance Testing Professional delivering solutions and consultancy to numerous diverse clients and industry sectors. Proficient in JMeter, Neoload, LoadRunner, CI/CD, and eggPlant Performance, I adapt quickly to new technologies with a calm, logical, and structured problem-solving approach. Excellent communication and negotiation skills allow me to positively influence key business decisions and build strong client relationships. Whether leading or part of a team, I thrive in hardworking, motivated, and professional environments across all sectors. Let’s connect for discussions on performance testing, technology trends, and potential collaborations.”

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