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Free advisory sessions from Performance and Automation Specialists – Spike95!

There’s no doubt about it that these past few months have been tough! The coronavirus (or covid-19) has been rapidly unfolding in front of our eyes worldwide and bringing with it a sense of uncertainty. And frankly we know that many of us are still adjusting and unsure of what to do next.

Tech expert Sridhar Iyengar, MD of Zoho Europe highlighted: “The COVID-19 crisis poses an existential threat to many businesses, with a significant number of companies completely unprepared for the sudden shift towards 100% remote working.”

The other temptation at this critical time is to drastically cut back but history tells us that this may actually hinder our recovery. According to and Forrester research “From the dot-com bust to 9-11 to the 2008 financial crisis, disruptions have stymied digital strategies. CIOs even have a cost-cutting playbook that starts with hardware haircutting and elimination of new projects, according to Forrester Research. But organizations that contained costs during past disruptions felt pressure from companies that took a pro-investment approach when the global economy rebounded.”

Proactive businesses are looking for solutions to near term challenges like their remote working capacity, VPNs/bandwidth, keeping supply chains moving by prioritising critical deliveries, and short term cost optimisation. Beyond this there are new challenges including being ready to trade when economic confidence returns, boosting customer engagement, reducing costs through self-service processes and creating crisis management teams to help identify possible anomalies or threats that would lead to future service disruption.

Overall companies need to balance their short term needs with building long-term resiliency so they can be better prepared to survive this interruption and for when a future pandemic, cyber-attack, economic downturn or any other disaster occurs.

At Spike95, we still have valuable skills and years of experience which can be put to good use. Social distancing is relatively easy for those of us in tech compared to other workers and our regular use of technology to communicate and deliver to clients remotely means we’re ready to help.

By accelerating key initiatives and knowing what to double down or cut back on, this will ultimately keep you one step ahead of the competition. As performance and automation testing specialists, we have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on how to survive current challenges and thrive when we head towards a new normality.

That’s why during this difficult period, we’re offering free of charge 30 minute advisory sessions and support for leaders in technology and their teams. Whether you need specific advice or just a general ‘pick our brains’ session, we want to ensure that your software remains reliable, scalable and delivers the experience you and your customers expect.

Here are some of the things we’re advising our network on right now:

  • Getting the basics right, technical tactics to keep the lights on, what to do about major investment programmes and how to maintain your core business flows.
  • Saving you money by reviewing your cloud production and test environment usage to save unnecessary spend.
  • How to continue software testing using remote teams – making it work technically and maintaining motivation levels.
  • Health checking your automation and making sure you’re properly testing those critical production deployments.
  • Balancing BAU testing versus major programme work – what to scale back and what may cost you dear in the long run.
  • Trends in technology and how you can get ahead of the competition.
  • Preparing to relaunch post-virus so you’re ready to trade when conditions improve.
  • Supporting your business’s long-term future by boosting technical resiliency.

Grab a slot in our diaries here for a complimentary 30 minute chat , or if we’re already connected you can of course just drop us a line or give us a call!