Does your Performance Testing deliver business value?

We delivered a Performance Testing lunch and learn session at the QAstionTime event on 24 June, hosted by our friends at Xpertise Recruitment.

Slides are now available here and the recording is up on YouTube.

Spike95 QAstion Time

As businesses adapt to embrace new technologies, or simply rely on their current tech to help them through the next phase of recovery from the detrimental impact of Covid-19, it is essential that those systems deliver so your customers keep trading with you, your staff can work effectively and your business is not one of the horror stories you see in the press or on social media!

Reviewing your non-functional maturity and capability is an ideal first step to making sure you have the right foundations in place to maximise your business’s IT estate for both short-term and long-term sustainability.

In this session, Spike95 ran through some of the steps they conduct during a performance testing health check and give tips and tricks on what you can look out for.

For more of our thoughts on checking the health of your performance testing read our blog here.