Now’s the time to move on from Visual Studio for load testing


Microsoft: “Web performance and load test functionality is deprecated. Visual Studio 2019 is the last version where web performance and load testing will be available.”

In a major shift, and to the surprise of many, Microsoft announced the end of support for web performance and load test functionality from Visual Studio 2019.

Organisations relying on VS Loadtest to measure their software’s performance will soon find their approach at risk of failure. 

No alternates will be on offer from Microsoft so your challenge is to find another tool that best meets your needs. One common option is the open source Apache JMeter tool – with wide community backing and a good skills base this meets many needs and also works well for early life cycle performance testing in development. For enterprise scale and ease of reporting JMetercan be combined with a commercial offering like Blazemeter (whose Taurus offering also works well for dev teams). Other alternates we like include Microfocus LoadRunner and Neotys Neoload solutions which offer a wider range of protocols covering legacy, SAP, Citrix and .Net (and also have wrappers to support JMeter). Apica Loadtest is our final option of choice and opens possibilities both in the testing space and neat reuse of test scripts for production performance monitoring.

So how can you move forward and choose the right option for now and the future?

Spike95 is a technical testing consultancy. We make sure software is reliable, scalable and delivers the experience you and your customers expect.

We have experts in Blazemeter, JMeter, LoadRunner, Neoload, Apica and other leading tools.

How we’ll solve your problem:

  • First, we’ll assess your infrastructure, tools and technology and establish the right approach for you.
  • Then we’ll develop an implementation strategy and plan, outlining tool selection and resource requirements.
  • We’ll work with you to engage stakeholders, build the business case for changing tools and ensure you translate technical change into business benefit.
  • We’ll deliver the solution as your trusted partner, working with our own team of engineers or alongside your people.
  • We want your business to succeed and will ensure your new solution can effectively sustain your performance testing.


You can count on Spike95 to ease your transition to a new performance solution. 

We’re keen to help and to share experiences with migrating from Microsoft test tools. Do you need help? Have you already put plans in place? Ping us and let’s have a chat over a coffee on us! / +44 (0)20 336 95 95 1

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