When did your performance testing last visit the doctor?

In a world where we rely so heavily on technology, applications and big data to carry out daily tasks, campaigns and deliverables efficiently, you would think that an IT health check is essential for most businesses. Just like us visiting the doctor for a regular check-up, your IT systems and software need to book an appointment with the technical testing specialists every once in a while – examining possible irregularities or getting health advice.

Find out below how you can sample Spike95’s performance testing health check.
In just 15 minutes, we’ll give you questions to ask about your current site performance, limits and constraints you may have, where performance testing fits in your strategy and how well you define your users’ performance requirements. Then we’ll look deeper into key factors including where you run any performance tests, people and skills as well as tools, data and environments. You can take the questions to use yourself or answer them and (assuming you are a genuine business user) we’ll send you a high-level summary report.

As businesses embrace and adapt to new technologies heading into the next phase of recovery from the detrimental impact of Covid-19, now is the perfect time to review your maturity and capability. Checking whether the right foundations are in place will maximise your business’s IT estate for both short-term and long-term sustainability. A performance test health check from Spike95 will assess your current approach to performance testing your software. We work with your team and third-party suppliers to conduct a full review of your current situation, identify areas of risk and provide a heat map of improvement opportunities and potential solutions.
Some recent examples of poor system performance include:

  • Regular outage reports across key global platforms (Down Detector)
  • Doctors frustrated by failures of Attend Anywhere system during coronavirus crisis (Guardian,14 May)
  • Customer frustration due to virtual queue waiting times on UK DIY stores (INews and others)

Of course, as discussed in our other recent articles, this is also a boom time for technology innovation and now is the time to ensure you are ready!

Health check benefits
So, what are the benefits of a health check in overcoming these issues? Having worked with a variety of sectors over the years, we have the technical expertise and knowledge to keep your systems on the go. Our structured and proven methodology will identify key risk areas and help build a comprehensive roadmap showing where to prioritise your energy and budget.
The key benefits of a performance health check include:

  • An independent view of strengths and weakness in your current approach
  • Identify potential cost savings
  • A clear understanding of potential risks with detailed diagnostics as part of the testing package
  • Access to our experts’ significant knowledge on performance testing
  • Prioritised actions required to reduce risk and improve quality
  • Increased knowledge of how to make your systems perform, with the ability to plan and test multiple scenarios and alternate routes

Once we have carried out a thorough health-check, we will deliver:

  • A heat map of your current capability
  • A documented vision for performance testing
  • A clear action plan mapped to your vision
  • Formal presentations to key stakeholders

Overall, addressing the technical challenges that lie ahead with an open and honest health check of your computing ecosystem is the first step towards increasing the effectiveness of your IT environment and expanding upon your business’s marketing potential.
Whilst a thorough health-check from Spike95 takes several days, you can get a flavour of our approach in 15 minutes from our sample health check and we’ll follow up with a 1-2 page high-level report and tips from our experts.

Take your sample health check here

Alternatively, have a look at our case studies to see how our clients have benefited from Spike95’s expertise, or drop us your details below and we’ll arrange an introductory chat.