Testing for Retail

Testing for Retail

Autumn/Winter 2022

“Testing technology for retail businesses isn’t the same as testing for any other sector… “

…simply because retail is such a fluid business as they need to constantly change, adjusting to customer’s needs across multiple stages of the journey to purchase.

Retailers need to continually innovate so it’s never going to be a one-and-done! It’s a much less rigid process where our aim is to be ahead of the customer demands, not simply to focus on quality technology for an existing need. To accommodate this, unusually, testing is often overlapped, compressed or prioritised in unexpected ways.

I think it’s fair to say that retail businesses have a bigger appetite for risk, which can be great fun for us! A different state of mind is needed to react at the speed required to both protect revenue and reputation but also increase crucial customer lifetime values. What works today may fail tomorrow.

Our approach is to work with retailers to react to balance a high-quality mindset with an understanding of our customer’s business goals – core quality principles are fundamental but need to be applied with pragmatism and experience to deliver quality in advanced timeframes. We embrace consumer volatility and encourage practices that embrace risk without recklessness and a collaborative longer term strategy to driving quality. We aren’t here to just ensure we help retailers maximise clicks, conversion and sales, we are here to drive the longer term ambitions of the brand.