Webinar – Retail After Lockdown: Thriving in a Digital World

The past year has been one of the most difficult ever faced by the retail industry. But with the end of lockdown now in sight, what will the new landscape look like for retailers? And how can you ensure you’re ready to succeed?

In this interactive webinar, Spike95’s Darryl Kennedy and Luke Pelham will be joined by industry leading experts Ian Scott, Drew Macleod from Not On The High Street, Stef Hull from Amido and Adrian Mangan from P2 Consulting to discuss the key themes and issues surrounding retail in 2021.

Amy Newton from Inclusively Tech will be moderating the session where we will cover:

  • How the shopping experience has changed and what customers now expect
  • The financial impact on the marketplace and the implications of moving to a digital-first model
  • What you can learn from the high-profile acquisitions of brands such as Debenhams and Arcadia
  • How Brexit will impact supply chains and manufacturing

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