Learning for Life

Learning for Life

“Learning helps us feel we are progressing in life! Our program at Spike isn’t just work-skills related – in fact, I’m learning the Ukulele”

Now we know how important learning is as part of our mental health – and simply as humans! In 2022 67% of HR managers have increased their L&D budget and 32% of the workforce believe training should be both more social.

Our recent adoption of a learning program is to meet this need, and to continually develop our culture and deliver softer benefits to our team. We intend to meet standards of care but also to give everyone a reason to enjoy learning but also hold the power to develop their skills.

Of course, the learning we offer covers subjects like data science, cloud computing, IT ops and more, with courses such as Python, ML Bootcamp or a Master SQL For Data Science in the mix. But much more importantly we want to deliver beyond this, given that 78% of employees find it important that they receive ‘life-skills’ training. Like we said this isn’t just about career upskilling.

We can all learn 3 Minute French or challenging Japanese, through to piano and mindfulness courses. Steve Dennis is currently learning the Essentials of Green Smoothies

Vibrant L&D is our ambition and we look forward to sharing our stories about our new skills and keeping our teams feeling invested in and challenged. We’ll keep you posted!

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