Q&A Steve Dennis Luke Pelham

Spike95 Q&A with Luke Pelham and Steve Dennis

Just a few weeks ago, Luke Pelham joined Spike95 as Head of Sales, who will be responsible for looking after our major clients and developing new business along the way. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in software testing and consultancy – a perfect addition to the Spike95 team!

Now, we’re here to find out more about Luke, his role, and what the future holds for the company with our quick Q&A session! Here, Spike95 Director Steve Dennis chats with Luke all about his first few weeks and his thoughts on where technical testing fits into the business world.

We all know the challenges many retailers and financial businesses face in this current climate and over the coming months in the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas:

  • Coping with the spike in web traffic
  • Data loss due to unstable infrastructures and systems
  • POS application performance issues with slow transactions and delays which can have a poor effect on customer experience
  • Failing to understand how to utilise automation which often results in repetitive tasks and increasing costs

In business, not even IT teams who have had months and months of planning for peak seasons hit the snooze button and that’s why with Luke on our side, we have the capability to turn our good technical testing consultancy group into a great one. Creating profitable business for clients by ensuring their systems and applications work in alignment with specific requirements, and the ever-changing demands of customers is what Spike95 is all about.

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