TestBash Home 2020

Two free tickets for TestBash Home 2020

Want one of our two free tickets for TestBash Home 2020?

TestBash Home 2020 is coming and we’re excited to be attending!

This will be the Ministry of Testing’s first ever 24 hour global online conference. It’s an awesome way the MoT gang are keeping things moving for testers whilst we can’t physically meet.

Talks, panels, hands-on activities, familiar faces and the famous 99-second talks, all from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention the hallway track, it will be a bit more digital than your last experience but the community will be out in force for this unique event.

TestBash Home is a great opportunity to connect with fellow testers during these challenging times. To learn, to share, to connect and to support the Ministry of Testing. With a full 24-hours of content, come along to explore all the important topics as well as numerous opportunities to get your questions answered by the community and share your testing skills.

The schedule is complete, the talks are getting recorded, the servers are starting up, you already know your favourite seat in the house, you just need a ticket. If you can pay please do. There’s a ‘pay what you can’ offer but we also know this may still exclude some testers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis so to help Spike95 are donating a couple of free tickets to testers who may need it, just ping us and if they’re still free we’ll do our best to get one to you.

Speakers lined up include João Proença, Richard Bradshaw, Mark Winteringham, Alan Page, Pradeep Soundararajan, Anne-Marie Charrett, Aaron Hodder, Nishi Grover Garg, Michaela Greiler, Anne Oikarinen, Amy Phillips, James Lyndsay, Maryam Umar, Shey Crompton, Nicola Sedgwick, Alessandra Moreira, Jenny Bramble, Martin Hynie and we hope we’ve not missed anyone!!
Pop to the MoT website for more on TestBash Home 2020 and their other events.