TestBash Home Ticket Winners

Spike95 is delighted to announce the winners of the TestBash Home tickets are Bassem Ammar and Brad Arlt!

Bassem is a QA & Test Automation Engineer from Tunisia with more than three years of experience. A solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player, centered in software testing and automation. Excellent analytical, debugging, problem-solving and root-cause analysis skills.

Bradley is a Canadian living in Argentina.  I’m a testing team lead working for an outsourcing company in the Salta, Argentina. My team is dealing with testing large software, transitioning (shortly, but no quite yet) to said large software being a CI project. And I’ve been told for years that metrics are important, but have never met a metric I feel accurately says something about our work.  And magically, these (and other things we are dealing with) are some of the topics of the Home Testing Bash.  Prior to being a testing team lead (3 years) I was a tester for 7 year – whose specialty was projects that the rest of the team didn’t want to touch. Undocumented? One off? “Damn, that looks hard!” 🙂

Congratulations to you both and we look forward to seeing you on 30th April at some stage during the 24 hours.  Make sure you both have a pot of strong coffee ready to go!