Use Our Brains.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all that’s needed.

We have been jumping in to provide new perspectives and fast strategic leadership on complex quality technology for decades. 

Our drive is to define and execute the fastest, most efficient and secure technology for profitable growth. We work on projects that fall into three core areas:


Each of these types of projects require a different strategic approach. We currently advise many exciting global retail brands you know in these areas. We know what good looks like for each, and the best approach. 

Simply put, we can help with the quality tech strategy for the business as well as the detail of making it happen. Be it on a large project to transform the business, continual improvements or challenging innovative requirements.  

We are both thinkers and doers, who simply want the best results – so we love getting it right at the start. 

It’s not complicated…

…lean on us to partner to get it done with you. No tech quality task is too big or small – we are only interested in making things more productive, and frankly taking some pressure off you and your teams! 

The Strategic Mindset:

  • Identify the Stakeholders & kick off
  • Confirm company ambitions effecting technology
    • Current immediate needs
    • Future development
    • More ambitious innovative tech plans
  • Confirm the need/tech to support and evolve for each part
  • Assess the information/data all stakeholders can bring to the table
  • Confirm core initiatives
  • Prioritise the initiatives based on impact and effort
  • Agree the strategy with all stakeholders
  • Move into a full project plan & kick off for implementation