4 golden rules

The 4 Golden Rules for pain-free technology transformation

We are delighted to support the retail industry as an associate partner of the British Retail Consortium.

Once through the upcoming golden quarter, many retailers thoughts will turn to what they do next to better embed tech and reap the benefits. It’s not always plain sailing though and so we’re sharing our 4 golden rules for pain-free technology transformation on page 46 of the Autumn 2021 edition of The Retailer.

In our article we discuss how for retailers technology is now a key differentiator, separating the haves from the have-nots. The successful from the struggling but that change projects are of course fraught with difficulty and risk. our 4 golden rules have been honed in programmes with a number of major retailers (and indeed transcend to other industries!).

1. Start Early, Move Fast; 2. Keep Your Scope Tight; 3. Clear the Runway, Land with Confidence; 4. Build for the Future

Spike’s 4 Golden Rules for pain-free technology transformation

Change is always challenging, but by focusing on what matters you can accelerate your digital transformation journey. With Spike’s 4 golden rules, you can reduce time and complexity, and deliver real value to your customers.