about us

Passion for retail success

Founded on Passion

Spike exist to prevent the anguish complex digital retail experiences can bring, through carefully controlled processes and a quality first culture. We have a real passion for retail success and building solutions for businesses on a transformational journey that will fundamentally change their business.

We accelerate the growth of our client’s businesses and join them on the journey from conception to successfully delivered realisation of their companies’ ambitions. The aim is to ensure the experience for businesses and customers is fast, secure, and performs above expectation.

Company Timeline

Steve Dennis - Director

A performance expert, test programme manager and experienced coach, mentor and trainer. Passionate advocate for Spike delivering services which exceed our customers’ expectations.

Darryl Kennedy - Director

An automated testing specialist, coach and, trainer. Expert at building large delivery teams onsite or remotely and driving innovation into Spike’s client solutions.

Sean Cheshire - Head of Client Delivery

Sean builds high performance teams for customer centric outcomes. Over 25 years in IT, with 15 years of client engagement experience, and 9 years focussed on retail transformations.

Luke Pelham - Head of Sales

Experienced customer success manager ensuring that what we promise, and what we do, gives you the outcomes that you need. Always striving to ensure our client teams go the extra mile to bring you extra value.

Augusto Negrillo – Board Advisor

M&A and growth specialist guiding and mentoring the Spike board on strategy and direction. Has started, scaled, acquired and sold multiple businesses in Data, Technology and Business Transformation in Australia and the UK.

Amy Newton – Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

Passionate about closing the skills gap and making sure D&I is accessible to every tech company. Our go-to person for everything D&I related due to her vast experience and expertise.

Emily Grice - Head of Marketing

Over 25 years in advertising, strategy and creative delivery for both B2C & B2B, multi-channel. Passionate active supporter of Women in Tech.

Rebecca Ives – Head of People

A Senior Chartered MCIPD Qualified HR Leader with over 15 years’ experience designing and implementing HR strategies & policies

Our team brings a wealth of experience, to enable their customers...

…to enjoy a highly considered digital experience. We are empowering businesses to maximise their digital footprint for growth. We are currently working on amazing projects with major retailers as well as with leading finance and technology companies.