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Modern quality, testing and performance expertise for retail

Spike’s retail-focused services make sure you can confidently launch, maintain and enhance end-to-end retail technologies and keep ahead of your competition.

In the world of retail software, we are your trusty sidekick. We ensure everything you and your partners deliver will run smoothly and delivers the best possible experience for both your customers and staff. We’re way more than just checking if buttons work; we’re all about guaranteeing a seamless, efficient, and reliable software experience throughout the entire retail journey.

We’re technically adept with particular experience in Salesforce, Oracle/NetSuite and MACH-based retail platforms and everything downstream. 

Our range of quality and testing services, and Spike’s “3D” Methodology are designed to really get under the hood of your platforms ensuring accurate and efficient operations, a fully optimised user experience, and continuous improvement and innovation.


At Spike we bring proven know-how on how to land complex retail software change programmes and build for the future. We’re all about proactively preventing problems, optimizing team performance, and ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved. We have your back in landing your transformation and delivering ongoing change to ensure you deliver smooth operations, happy customers, and a thriving business.

Quality Vision

Having a clear vision is a critical first step to transformation success, it’s the first thing we bring.

We identify critical problems, work out the key blockers, and provide a clear and pragmatic roadmap to ensure the success of your technology journey.

Quality Governance

We integrate a quality governance framework that balances structure with proven processes and practicality allowing you to make informed decisions.

Our approach ensures your projects drive forward at pace, with confidence that the necessary controls and rigour are in place.

Fractional Leadership

We offer a cost-effective, and immediate solution for companies that require high-level expert test leadership without the commitment and cost of an employee.

It can be short-term, to cover a gap or get a new initiative moving, or longer-term to provide ongoing backup to your team.

Tooling & Reporting

We help you select and implement modern tooling to deliver actionable insights that keep things clear.

To aid decision making, we maintain clarity and focus by surfacing the right metrics through KPIs, dashboards and reports.

Change Delivery

We help retailers to deliver a regular cadence of high-quality software change through our proven path to live approach.

We implement the tools, team mindset and collaborative processes to establish a continuous approach to prioritising and validating change.

Developing People

Bringing your team along on the journey to quality is essential for sustained long-term growth and success.

Our senior leaders have years of training, coaching and mentoring skills to ensure we help you to refine your teams’ skills and grow your own capability.


We instil confidence by assuring the quality of your entire technology portfolio. 

Our aim is to always focus on ‘proving the stripe’ to drive problems out as early as possible.

Spike’s solutions are comprehensive, tailored to suit the retail ecosystem, and ensure the right test activities take place at the right time as you move through the software change lifecycle.

Test Strategy & Planning

Our expert test leaders will establish a Test Strategy outlining the overarching approach, methods, and goals for testing, aligning with project objectives.

Test Planning will detail the necessary testing activities, including scope, resources, schedules, and responsibilities to achieve test goals.

Together, they form a comprehensive framework ensuring effective, standardized, and goal-oriented testing processes tailored to your needs.

Test Management

Our Test Managers bring years of experience in overseeing the planning, execution, and monitoring of testing processes, coordinating resources, and delivering results. We operate at both the test programme and test phase level.

These services collectively optimize testing efforts, enhance product quality, and facilitate seamless collaboration between development and testing teams to deliver robust, high-quality software products.

Functional Testing

Get peace of mind knowing your software is reliable and secure.

Our functional testing guarantees features work as promised, data is protected, and your system runs end to end like you expect.

Our technical experts will put your software through its paces, testing everything from individual buttons to complex database interactions to ensure everything meets your exact specifications.

Integration Testing

Our test engineers validate the interfaces, communication protocols, and interactions between integrated units.

This ensures seamless connectivity, identifying inconsistencies or errors that arise when integrating individual units into a cohesive system.

We look to ensure that this happens during Continuous Development and for the legacy interfaces common in complex retail tech estates.

Acceptance Testing

On completion of other testing phases, Spike give you confidence that your system is fit for purpose.

Your sign-off and acceptance is then gained when we coordinate and support your business experts executing real world scenarios.

We supplement these with our automated tests and performance tests to create real world conditions so that we test the full user experience and flows to/from legacy systems including full data.

Test Automation

Test Automation, using specialised tools and scripts, streamlines repetitive test case execution.

Its value lies in amplified efficiency, faster testing cycles, and broader test coverage, especially for repetitive and time-consuming scenarios.

By ensuring consistent and reliable results, we deliver faster feedback on software quality. It also significantly aids continuous integration and delivery and frees experienced testers to focus on exploratory testing of those areas which cannot be automated.

Test Modernisation

Typically, software test engineers waste a third of their time addressing technical debt. Potential impacts include longer change cycles, higher cost of testing, false results, incorrect decision making, production failures and risk of customer impact.

Confidence in your test results is key!

We identify where your testing needs improvement, strategically plan to prevent future technical debt, and re-engineer existing test assets into a more effective solution.

Shift Left Build Engineering

A modern Shift-Left / DevOps approach offers cost and error reductions, faster delivery and increased collaboration.

Our primary goal is increasing speed to market via waste reduction, with a strong emphasis on achieving right-first-time changes through early-cycle improvements.

By introducing shorter feedback loops through early test automation integrated to build pipelines, we ensure predictable velocity and drive down costs.

Test Data Management

Test Data Management is a critical enabler of retail software testing. High-quality data enhances the reliability of testing by enabling testing with real-world scenarios, like peak season sales or complex discounts, not just generic data.

This uncovers hidden bugs and edge cases before they reach customers, improves go-live confidence and ensures fewer post-release hiccups.

We manage and deliver clean, secure, accurate test data for every scenario.

Defect Management

Defect Management involves capturing, tracking, and resolving defects identified during testing, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

Our test teams work alongside all parties in the programme to ensure clear ownership, commitment to quality and to push for timely resolution.

We also facilitate close working between key stakeholders to learn from bugs found then adapt and increase the quality of future delivery.


Performance & speed of your website and downstream systems are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Associated systems also need to perform and scale to support. 

We have a highly focused approach to give you the confidence that your platforms will give the best customer experience. All performance services can be delivered as an ongoing provision, or ad hoc using our Performance-on-Demand service.

We also ensure you can really push the boundaries of technical excellence to ensure secure, observable and maintainable deployments at pace and scale.

Performance Strategy, Volumetrics & Planning

We bring a comprehensive approach to assess and optimise your system's efficiency. Our performance experts define clear scope, make critical decisions on tooling, agree user journeys and determine the required volumetrics.

We then establish a clear plan for preparation and execution include timing and resource requirements. Expert planning ensures everything is in place to determine you can handle expected loads and deliver optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Performance Framework & Tooling

Spike's proven Performance Framework, leading-edge toolsets and accelerators bring repeatability and enable consistent, reliable performance testing.

By emphasizing repeatability, our approach enables accurate and comparable results, facilitating the identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks and issues in a systematic manner.

We love working with both open source and commercial tooling.

Performance Test Execution

During Performance Test Execution we measure your system's capabilities under the conditions agreed during planning.

Our tests measure the load level you can support, how your system will scale beyond, and how reliable it is over longer periods.

By simulating real-world scenarios, we identify performance bottlenecks and ensure the system's ability to deliver optimal performance, even under challenging conditions.

Performance Tuning & Optimisation

During Performance Tuning and Optimisation, our engineers analyse and address specific performance bottlenecks that impact overall system performance.

Through meticulous tuning and refinement, we help you enhances system responsiveness, ensure optimal functionality, and enable a seamless user experience.

This often results in significant operational cost savings.

Page Speed Testing & Insight

Page speed is a critical part of good CX and directly impacts your website ranking by major search engines. We implement rigorous testing to measure Web Vitals and Lighthouse scoring and give critical insight on how to improve customer experience.

Using Application Performance Monitoring we look to production to use a real-world view to get ahead of potential performance problems and directly link performance changes to critical business outcomes like conversion, abandonment, and basket size.

Shift-Left Performance Engineering

Continual performance improvement is crucial. Our performance engineering approach creates a culture that continually reduces cost & on-going complexity. We prove the business impact of performance and optimise the technology.

Through Shift-Left and Continuous Performance Testing we integrate performance tests into your delivery pipeline and find performance defects much earlier for faster and cheaper resolution.

Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness is a critical stage towards being prepared to operate a new or changed system or process.

Spike’s experts will guide you through the key steps that needed to launch retail technology and be successful through hypercare and early-life.

We identify the key stakeholders, determine operational objectives, plan the steps to ensure readiness, conduct Operational Acceptance Testing and align all the people involved.


Retail platforms need to work all the time, downtime anywhere from your website or in-store technology to your underlying platforms will hit your bottom line.

Observability has become an integral aspect of advancing technology and gaining valuable insights into the system's behaviour.

Our approach involves collecting and harnessing system outputs and user behaviours to drive efficiency, swiftly detect, and efficiently resolve issues and boost system performance.


Ensuring secure systems, processes & practices is part of our promise of technology confidence.

We're equipped to test, coach, and establish comprehensive end-to-end security measures giving you the tools, people and processes you need for total confidence and compliance.

Broadly we cover DevSecOps implementation, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Security Consultancy, Security Integration, and Security Training.

Site Reliability Engineering

SRE applies aspects of software engineering to IT infrastructure and operations

It fills in many of the gaps between Dev and Ops and aims to craft highly dependable, scalable software systems to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Our Site Reliability Enginering solutions embed core principles to engineer agile solutions, able to adapt to swiftly evolving customer and market needs, ensuring exceptional performance.

Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering is the systematic practice of conducting experiments on a system to boost confidence in its resilience under real-world production conditions.

We assess your preparedness to withstand failures, fortifying your capacity for seamless operation while maintaining high-quality performance.

We ensure you gain the resilience to continue to delight your customers during critical peak periods.



We are adept at working in complex multi-vendor programmes. Our unique position and experience allows us to always have your back as your partner in quality whilst also ensuring that partnership extends to all parties and establishes a true ‘one team’ approach to delivery.

The Spike "3D" Methodology

Spike's 3D methodology combines highly defined assets and years of experience with a fluid process that ensures project success every time.

WOW…what we have achieved in less than 12 months as we progress through our transformation is really AMAZING!!

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