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Assuring the quality of your entire technology portfolio

We ensure the right test activities happen at the right time as you move through the software change lifecycle.

How we help

Retail technology moves quickly as you strive to stay ahead of your competition. Your testing capability must enable you to deliver fast and reliable changes.

Achieving right-first-time changes through early-cycle improvements.
Modernising existing test assets and reducing tech debt for faster feedback and improved decision making.
Streamlining repetitive and time-consuming testing through automation.
Increasing test coverage to improve realism and prevent edge cases and hidden issues.
Learning from bugs found in production to increase the quality of future delivery.
Enabling a move to modern dev practices including CI/CD and DevOps.

How we do it

We have a proven track record of modernising testing and increasing confidence for global retail brands.

  • Enterprise-Wide Test Strategy & Planning

    Evaluating and improving existing software testing processes, tools, and culture to ensure consistency across your organisation and align with Agile and DevOps methodologies. Delivering detailed assessment reports with strategic recommendations on key areas for improvement.

  • Test Process Optimisation

    Streamlining and enhancing current testing workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Integrating best practices and industry standards into the testing lifecycle. Implementing policies to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to testing standards.

  • Enhanced Test Automation

    Identifying where your testing needs improvement, strategically planning to prevent future technical debt, and re-engineering existing test assets into a more effective solution. We bring your existing automated testing solution closer to industry best practice without the need for wholesale changes.

  • Test Modernisation

    Implementing advanced test automation frameworks and tools to support continuous integration and delivery. Developing and maintaining automated test scripts to reduce manual testing and increase test coverage. Integrating automation into CI/CD pipelines for real-time feedback and quicker releases.

  • Shift-Left Build Engineering

    Promoting early testing in the software development process to identify and resolve defects sooner. Integrating testing into the development environment to catch issues before they escalate. Fostering a culture of collaboration between development and testing teams.

  • Test Data & Environment Management

    Expanding datasets to broaden test coverage. Setting up scalable and flexible cloud-based environments for test execution with improved realism and availability at reduced cost. Enabling remote access to testing environments for distributed teams.

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