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Performance, speed and reliability are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage

We ensure your website and downstream associated systems perform and scale to support critical trading periods.

How we help

We ensure you can push the boundaries of technical excellence to deliver fast, scalable and observable platforms.

Ensuring you can handle expected loads, scale for peaks and deliver optimal performance.
Preventing reputational damage, increasing conversion, and aiding customer retention.
Improving Core Web Vitals and page speed for enhanced customer experience and SEO.
Tuning platforms for enhanced responsiveness, cost-optimisation and a seamless user experience.
Integrating performance testing into delivery pipelines for faster and cheaper problem resolution.
Using real-world production metrics to get ahead of potential performance problems.

How we do it

We have a highly focused approach to driving performance into your platforms for the best customer experience.

  • Performance Testing As a Service

    Specialised performance testing expertise without the need to hire and train internal staff. It’s ideal for rapid proving of your ability to scale for an upcoming promotion or to quickly assess a new product launch. We can also run across either test environments or your production stack.

  • Performance Tuning & Optimisation

    Our engineers analyse and address specific performance bottlenecks that impact overall system performance. Through tuning and refinement, we help you enhance system responsiveness, ensure optimal functionality, and enable a seamless user experience.

  • Page Speed Insight and Testing

    We implement rigorous testing to measure Web Vitals and Lighthouse scoring and give critical insight on how to improve customer experience. We combine lab and in-the-field metrics to directly link performance changes to critical business outcomes like conversion, abandonment, and basket size.

  • Shift-Left Performance Engineering

    We integrate performance tests into your delivery pipeline and find performance defects much earlier for faster and cheaper resolution. Our performance engineering approach creates a culture that continually reduces cost & on-going complexity.

  • Observability

    Observability has become an integral aspect of advancing technology and gaining valuable insights into the system’s behaviour. Our approach involves collecting and harnessing system outputs and user behaviours to drive efficiency, swiftly detect, and efficiently resolve issues and boost system performance.

  • Chaos Engineering

    Conducting systematic experiments on your systems to boost confidence in resilience under real-world production conditions. We assess your preparedness to withstand failures, fortifying your capacity for seamless operation while maintaining high-quality performance during critical peak periods.

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