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Testing challenging retail transformation programmes for Salesforce, MACH, NetSuite and more

We are the chosen test provider for challenging change projects and IT transformation initiatives across retail.

Our experts advise, design and implement testing solutions to solve critical client challenges with an approach and team that deliver brilliant results.

How we help

We bring the know-how and expertise to head off critical transformation testing challenges.

Clear and pragmatic roadmap to ensure the technical quality of your transformation.
A proven quality governance framework enabling informed decisions and priority calls.
Clarity and focus by surfacing the right metrics through KPIs, dashboards and reports.
Functional testing to prove features and data, and your system behaves from end to end.
Integration testing for seamless connectivity of new and legacy components.
Aiding your business experts to simulate real-world scenarios for final sign-off and acceptance.
Clear view of performance, how your system will scale, and reliability over critical trading periods.
Validating operational readiness for launch and success through hypercare and early-life.
Ensuring security, gaining the proof of compliance needed for go-live.

How we do it

We have the full range of capabilities and expertise needed to prove your transformation programme and assure on-time delivery.

  • Quality Vision

    Identifying critical problems, removing the key blockers, and providing a clear and pragmatic roadmap to ensure the success of your transformation journey.

  • Test Management

    Leadership of all test activities from the approach, methods, strategy and planning, the execution and monitoring of all testing, coordinating resources, and resolving defects.

  • Functional Testing

    We put your software through its paces, testing everything from individual buttons to complex database interactions to ensure everything meets your exact specifications.

  • Integration Testing

    Validating the interfaces, communication protocols, and interactions between integrated components, across new and legacy platforms.

  • Test Automation

    Streamlining repetitive test case execution to reduce repetitive and time-consuming scenarios and drive faster testing cycles and broader test coverage.

  • Business Acceptance Testing

    Supporting your business experts to achieve final sign-off. We create real-world conditions so that you can test the full user experience and flows to/from legacy systems including full data.

  • Operational Acceptance Testing

    Ensuring readiness for launch and early-life by identifying the key stakeholders, determining operational objectives and ensure all steps to operate the system post-launch are in place and working.

  • Performance Testing

    Consistent, repeatable performance testing covering everything from scope and volumetrics to execution and results analysis to measure your system’s capacity, scalability and reliability.

  • Page Speed Measurement

    Measuring critical customer-facing page speed metrics to determine how well the page loads in a browser with respect to the end user’s visual experience.

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